Protecting Your Business Against Liability Claims

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Asset protection is critical to small business owners. As the owner of a small business, you have many insurance options that can help you achieve this, including liability insurance.

Liability insurance covers any financial obligation that you may be subject to if someone gets injured while on your premises or when property is damaged by yourself or one of your employees. In such cases, liability insurance covers your defense cost and any lawsuit settlement that may be awarded to injured parties.

The Details of Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance can protect your business against bodily injury claims, slander and libel claims, false advertising claims, and claims regarding damage to other people’s property. Depending on the type of business that you own and operate, your state may actually require you to carry a professional liability insurance policy. However, if you have a small business that provides a specific service to others, you should seriously consider using liability insurance, regardless of whether it is required or not.

Is Business Liability Insurance Necessary for You?

If you are the sole proprietor of your business, your personal assets may be at risk if a liability claim is filed against you. Even if your business is incorporated or structured as an LLC, you may still be held liable for a personal injury. Given the ease at which consumers can sue businesses in our society, you should use liability insurance to protect your business from every possible threat.

The Various Types of Business Liability Insurance

There are numerous options to consider when deciding on a business liability insurance policy. Here are some of the most common types of liability insurance:

  • Commercial General Liability – As the most common type of liability insurance, Commercial General Liability insurance is often included in a business’s property insurance policy. It covers a variety of bodily injury and property damage claims.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – This coverage takes care of any liability claims and lawsuits that may stem from clients believing that you made omissions or errors while delivering your services.
  • Product Liability Insurance – If your business is in the product development or manufacturing industry, this type of liability coverage protects you against any recall costs and claims of injuries received from your products.
  • Employment Liability Insurance – This form of liability coverage protects a business and its key personnel from lawsuits initiated by former, current, or prospective employees.
  • Environmental and Pollution Liability – Environmental and pollution damage is hardly ever included in liability insurance policies, but if your business pertains to certain chemical or fuel manufacturing, this type of liability policy is highly recommended. It can cover clean-up costs and any lawsuits that may be filed in the case of an accident.

The majority of business owners may not be required to have business liability insurance, but any business interested in protecting its assets should definitely consider having it. Depending on your limits, it may be costly, but affordable rates amongst competing insurers can be found at Home Insurance Quotes. Regardless of the company you choose, liability insurance can cover any possible liability claims that can debilitate your business.


Successful Advertising Ideas For Your Bed And Breakfast

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Successful Advertising Ideas For Your Bed And Breakfast

Where To Market And Advertise
One of the best places to market and advertise for your bed and breakfast is in your city’s alternative newspaper. These readerships usually have the most impressive numbers in the city. For instance, out-of-state travelers, tourists and families will search online and in print for places to stay. In this sense, one of the most valuable resources is the city’s local alternative press. The next place to advertise is Continue reading »


The Famous Houstonia In South Charleston

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The Houstonia is a bed and breakfast is South Charleston, Ohio, with all the charm of a Victorian mansion. Its rooms lend an air of romance to any vacation, and the inn’s friendly staff with strive to make you feel at home. Each of their five guest quarters is unique, and provides the luxury of a fancy hotel, with surroundings reminiscent of old country homes. Enjoy such amenities as free WiFi, cable television and a copy machine, and such comforts as soft robes, freshly baked cookies and gourmet breakfast in Continue reading »


Ireland’s Top Five Bed And Breakfasts

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Are you planning a trip to beautiful Ireland, but don’t know where to stay? Why pick a chain hotel to stay at when you can have an experience personalized specifically to where you are staying and your own unique interests? The Travel Channel compiled a list of Ireland’s Top Five Bed and Breakfasts for you to consider while making your travel plans.

Ireland’s Top Five Bed and Breakfasts

  1. Cregg Castle B&B, County Galway
  2. The Lighthouse B&B, Dingle Peninsula
  3. Lough Dan House, Continue reading »

The Castle At Silver Lake Bed And Breakfast

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If you are looking for a relaxing place to vacation, try the Castle at Silver Lake Bed And Breakfast. This beautiful three-story inn is welcoming to guests of all ages who are looking for a peaceful place to indulge themselves. All of the rooms in this inn are decorated with antiques and comfortable furniture. You will feel like you have stepped back in time when you walk into your room. Most of the rooms in Continue reading »


Top Rated Bed And Breakfast Inns

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Large resorts offer plenty of amenities and chain hotels provide reward points; however, the quaint, homey atmosphere of a bed and breakfast cannot be denied. Where you should go really depends upon what you’re looking for, and the top rated can vary from publication to publication. However, check out one of these, ranked by Food and Wine, for a trip that is sure to be pleasant.

If you’re in California wine country, try the Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen complete with a Continue reading »


How To Run A Successful Bed And Breakfast

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Today, the term “bed and breakfast” is rather common throughout the world. Decades ago they were, for the most part, struggling establishments competing against major hotel chains where you didn’t have to walk down a dark hallway at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. Typically, a bed and breakfast can be found in renovated historical homes, or a remodeled house, and offers just what it says: bed and a breakfast, both provided by the owner or management. If you miss breakfast, Continue reading »


The Most Romantic Bed And Breakfasts

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Going to a Bed and Breakfast can be a truly romantic experience. It is the perfect getaway for couples in need of rekindling the romance in their relationship. Relaxing and letting someone else worry with everyday chores is sure to uplift your mood. Breakfast is served every morning of your stay and usually comes with coffee, a main course, and delicious dessert.

There are Victorian themed rooms, Rooms named after famous people in history, rooms covered in roses, and rooms Continue reading »